Professor Green's toughest emotional battle has been with himself.

The 34-year-old rap star has lived an infamously turbulent life - which has seen his father commit suicide in 2008 and his marriage to reality star Millie Mackintosh end in 2016 - but he's admitted the toughest challenge he's faced has been coping with his own ''internal dialogue''.

He shared: ''Things tend to manifest and when you keep things in they get bigger and bigger. But I was lucky enough to find a form of expression in writing music so I was able to get what was inside out and that made things a hell of a lot easier to process.

''When you have stuff swimming around in your head it can all become a bit much.''

The British star - whose real name is Stephen Manderson - has found different ways of coping with his stresses over the years, including walking his dogs and exercising.

Pro confessed he's wary of overthinking things, because he knows it breeds a negative mindset.

Speaking to KISS after pledging his support to Where's Your Head At? - which is a petition aiming to get a mental health first aider in every workplace or college - he explained: ''For me to destress I have to do something that enables me to think about things, so I'll walk my dogs. Or if I'm over thinking I need to do something that stops me from thinking about things - so exercise. Then I have no choice but to concentrate on what I'm doing.''

The 'Read All About It' hitmaker also warned of the potentially negative impact of social media, saying that following certain accounts can cause issues to spiral out of control.

Pro - who has previously spoken of his struggles with anxiety and depression - said: ''Social media is both good and bad. It depends what you take from it and put into it, it also depends what you take out of it.

''It's not a very good outlet. If you're in a bad mood don't go anywhere near your phone. There is good out there - it just depends on what and who you follow.''