Professor Green is readying the first single from his first album in four years.

The 34-year-old rapper has let slip that he has teamed up with another artist on the song, 'Unruly', which will be with his fans ahead of the BRIT Awards on February 21.

The 'Just Be Good To Green' star - whose last record was 2014's 'Growing Up in Public' - told BANG Showbiz: ''The first song I've called 'Unruly', you are the first to hear that.''

Asked what it's about, he laughed: ''Look up the dictionary definition of Unruly.''

Pressed for more details, he added: ''The first single features someone. There is stuff I want to tell you, but soon I promise.''

Pro - whose real name is Stephen Manderson - also revealed that he found a lot of the writing process challenging because he has touched on ''dark'' and ''hard'' experiences.

He said: ''There are some quite dark and hard moments on the new album, no cold moments, but hard moments. There we some songs I didn't enjoy writing very much but they are probably the ones that will resonate.''

And he teased that the first song will be very ''noisey'' and explosive, with no stone left unturned.

Speaking on the red carpet at 'The BRITS Are Coming' launch, he said: ''It's noisey. The world 'Unruly' lends itself to, I am not trying to keep anyone happy.''

The 'Lullaby' hitmaker previously admitted he is to get his marriage split from former 'Made in Chelsea' star Millie Mackintosh off his chest by referencing it on his forthcoming album.

Asked if Millie - who is now dating her former co-star Hugo Taylor - will be unhappy with the content, he previously spilled: ''I think that can be assumed. But I'm not worried about that.

''People assume they know me and they know the box I fit into but I grew up rapping a totally different way. I hope people will let me release the music and the style that I want. I'm not going to be nice just to sell records.''

Pro unveiled the single 'One Eye On The Door' in 2016, which explained the tragicomic events that occur during a relationship and the excuses and recriminations that follow.