Professor Green has helped open a Coca-Cola Tattoo Studio for people over the age of 70 - and his nan was the first to get inked.

The 34-year-old musician and his grandma, Nanny Pat, helped open the doors of the exclusive OAP tattoo studio in Shoreditch, London, on Tuesday (06.02.18), to celebrate the launch of a new advert for Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, which encourages people to try something new.

The studio offered free tattoos - or temporary inkings for those less brave - to everybody over 70 on Tuesday, and the 'Just Be Good To Green' hitmaker's nan was the first in the queue.

Green - who has several pieces of body art himself - said: ''I can't say that I ever imagined being in a tattoo parlour with my nan and her being the one getting inked, even if it is a temporary tattoo. She has always been fearless and a complete legend in my eyes. Getting a tattoo has been on her bucket list for a while so thanks to the Coca-Cola Tattoo Studio for making one of her wishes a reality today.''

The new television advert is designed to remind people to branch out and try something new, and features an elderly man named Mr Hadley taking on a variety of daring activities such as riding a motorcycle, diving into a pool, and telling his long-lost love how he feels about her.

Aedamar Howlett, marketing director for Coca-Cola Great Britain said of the whole campaign: ''Our new light-hearted ad is designed to remind those who haven't yet tried the taste of new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar to give it a go. Mr Hadley goes to extreme lengths to try something new, so we thought that the Coca-Cola Tattoo Studio would be the perfect way to reflect that while also giving people the opportunity to tick something off their bucket list. Not only are we offering free permanent tattoos but we've also got temporary ones and plenty of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar to go round for those keen to take a less daring approach to trying something new.''

Coca-Cola's OAP tattoo studio was open from 11am to 7pm on Tuesday, and took over the spot usually filled by famed tattoo spot Cloak and Dagger.