Professor Green likes girls with conversational skills.

The 'Just Be Good to Green' rapper has been single since splitting from actress Candy McCulloch in November, and admits any potential dates will have to impress him with their chat as well as their looks.

He told BANG Showbiz: "I like to eat a lot so I go out to restaurants, and I like to spend my time with girls I'm happy to actually go out with and spend my time with.

"Obviously I like a girl to be attractive, but I like a good conversation, and I like to learn so I want to be with someone I can learn from.

"There's nothing worse than a girl who doesn't have anything to say, or who hasn't lived, you can't experience everything yourself so it's nice to kind of learn from other people's experiences."

However, Green doesn't date often and admits he finds relationships hard because he is always busy touring and recording around the world.

He added: "I'm not much of a man whore, I like the challenge, I'm not into girls that are just going for you for that.

"It's hard for relationships with the time I don't have."