Professor Green would punch anyone who challenged him to a rap battle ''in the face.''

The 'Read All About It' hitmaker started his career as a freestyle battle rapper, but hasn't practiced the discipline for a long time, and doesn't like being asked to do it.

Asked if someone could challenge him to a rap contest, he replied: ''Not unless they wanted a punch in the face.

''If they asked politely I'd politely tell them to f**k off. Every time I do a radio or TV interview, they're like, 'You used to freestyle - so go on then.' I'm not a monkey with a box full of 50 pence pieces.

''If you saw [racing driver] Nigel Mansell you wouldn't say, 'give us a quick lap'. It's a bit of a wind up.''

The rapper - real name Stephen Manderson - also said he doesn't like it when people don't; refer to him by his full name.

He added to Q magazine: ''It's kind of weird to be called Professor Green. I always introduce myself as Stephen.

''I hate being called Steve as much as I hate cheese, and I can't stand the sight of cheese.''