The couple has been regularly hit by rumours their two-year marriage is on the rocks, and the Read All About It star confesses they have barely seen each other in 2016 because he has been so busy shooting a series of documentaries, fronting TV show Lip Sync Battle U.K., and making a new album.

The rapper, real name Stephen Manderson, finally got to spend quality time with his reality TV star wife when they jetted off on holiday to Florence, Italy at the end of January (16).

"It was the first time I had seen her properly in 30 days," he tells Britain's The Sun newspaper. "We had seen each other like ships in the night, but we weren't getting any quality time together. It is good sometimes to have space, but it is also difficult when you miss someone for that long.

"It used to happen when I was touring. You would have a day off and try and have the best day of your life. But then you'd just start arguing. That is a relationship... The best way is a balance and being really clever with the time you do have together and making the most of that."

He also admits Millie was not very happy about his album's lead single One Eye on the Door, which describes his past problems with commitment.

He adds, "My publicist used to say to me 'one eye on the door' in my single days when I'd say, 'It is serious this time'... She'd say, 'F**k off, Green, you still have one eye on the door'. So you can imagine what it is about... I wasn't necessarily in Millie's good books with this. But she knows I am a lippy little s**t."

The couple married in September, 2013.