Professor Green has been left ''f***ing fuming'' after his bag got lost at an airport.

The 31-year-old star took to his Twitter account this morning (08.01.15) to hit out at Delta for being ''completely incompetent'', claiming the airline has lost his bag during a flight from New York to London and he is particularly furious because his luggage contained ''thousands of pounds worth of clothes and shoes'' as well as sentimental items.

He wrote: ''Well done for being completely incompetent and losing my bag @delta good luck replacing what's in it if you don't find it. #uselessairline

''Add to that your airline isn't picking up the phone @delta @deltaassist and the uk have to telex messages they don't have numbers to call

''Things of sentiment, thousands and thousands of pounds worth of clothes and shoes / sneakers, the inconvenience. Cheers @delta @deltaassist

''No enquiry as to what my bag number is or anything @deltaassist - a continuation of the lack of help I've been given so far

''F***ing fuming mate

''Absolutely f***ing livid (sic)''

Pro - who is married to Millie Mackintosh - also claimed a similar thing had happened to fellow musicians Tinie Tempah, The Vamps and Example, who tweeted him to describe Delta as the ''worst airline''.

The 'Read All About It' hitmaker wrote: ''Noticed this also happened a while ago to @TinieTempah a while ago @delta, twice as well. You make a habit of incompetence clearly.

''So thats @TinieTempah @example @vampsband and me RT @example: @professorgreen @Delta worst airline. The only time I've had a bag loss (sic)''

Pro took to his social networking account earlier in the day to voice his initial concerns when he was waiting at the baggage collection and his luggage had not appeared.

He wrote: ''The anxious wait when your bag feels like it's taking a little bit too long to appear (sic)''