Professor Green has ''found happiness'' in his relationships.

The 'Lullaby' hitmaker - who is married to Millie Mackintosh - credits his success to those around him.

He told The Guardian newspaper: ''My fortunes may have turned around now, but I've found all my happiness in relationships. I'd never change anything I've been through, good or bad.

''As much as it might have been nice to have more financial and emotional security growing up, that would have changed the course of my life, and I learned a lot.

''I do like my own company, but everything I've gained has been with the help and love of other people. No fancy watch or trainers could ever bring you that.''

Meanwhile, the 31-year-old rapper - real name: Stephen Paul Manderson - recently opened up about his father's suicide, revealing that the last words he said to him was 'I hate you'.

He shared: ''At 18 we stopped talking and after five years I decided to reach out and try and arrange a meeting. Unfortunately we ended up arguing and the last words I said to him were, 'I hate you'.

''The terrible thing is I never got to see him because a few months later he killed himself... It's six years since it happened and the weird thing about grieving is it never stops.

''One of the most shocking things about male suicide is that so often it seems to come out of the blue - a regular bloke who has no diagnosis of mental illness decides to end his life. The pain of a suicide ripples out to consume everyone around that person.''