British rapper Professor Green has found a mentor in rocker Chris Martin after he opened up to the Coldplay frontman about his dad's suicide during a moving chat.
The hip-hop star endured a tough childhood, and lost his father as a teenager when he took his own life.
He recently enjoyed a meal with Martin, who quizzed him about his upbringing, and Professor Green reveals the Yellow hitmaker vowed to be a shoulder to cry on if he ever found himself feeling down.
He tells Britain's The Sun, "Chris is clearly a brilliant mind. He took us out to dinner when we were on tour with their band and I really enjoyed having a good chinwag (talk) with him.
"He's very inquisitive. We went for dinner and he was asking me questions about growing up.
"Somehow we got on to the subject of my dad and obviously, with him having committed suicide, it all got quite dark. But instead of switching subjects we ended up talking more.
"It resulted in him saying, 'Well, if ever you are thinking about committing suicide, just phone me and we'll go for a pizza and just talk'."