The British rapper, who has been commissioned to create documentaries, was filming a project in the Gloucestershire town on Thursday (07Apr16) when a stranger broke onto the set with a weapon, disrupting production.

“Interesting day filming," he reveals on Twitter. "Some bloke was noising up while we were trying to film. Reappears later waving a blade about #cheltenham."

Green, real name Stephen Manderson, later explained he could have been mistaken about the weapon, adding, “In fairness he had a bottle of wine so it could have been a bottle opener... Cause that's normal. #cheltenham.”

The rapper is no stranger to these types of incidents. He has permanent red scarring on his neck after he was stabbed with a broken bottle at a nightclub in London in 2009. The attacker Anthony Jones was convicted for wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm and sentenced to eight years.

It is not known which project the rapper was working on. Following the success of his male suicide documentary in 2015, he signed on to create factual films about homelessness and dangerous dogs.

Green, who recently split from his wife Millie MACkintosh, began filming on Sleeping Rough by sleeping outside with the homeless in England in December (15). He also works on reality shows Drive and Lip Sync Battle U.K.