Professor Green likes to listen to music while washing the pots.

The 'Just Be Good To Green' rapper, who is married to former reality TV star Millie Mackintosh, insists he hates doing the dishes and would rather his wife load he dishwasher but he puts some of his favourite songs to try and distract himself.

He told the Daily Star newspaper: ''It [listening to music] massively helps to pass the time when doing the dishes. I hate doing the dishes, really bloody hate doing the dishwasher.''

He added: ''A joke about having a dishwasher called Millie is inappropriate isn't it?

The star has collaborated with Naughty Boy, Laura Mvula and Wilkinson for the Lynx Make Beats Not War project in the lead up to World Peace Day on September 1.

Asked if he finds it difficult working with other artists, he said: ''There's the added difficulty of everyone having to be happy without compromising their own identity.

''I think with everyone involved on this song you hear their own stamp on things. Naughty Boy's strings and keys, Wilkinson's drums, Laura's voice.''

Pro Green also claims he was never good at anything else artistically than rapping and has never played an instrument.

He explained: ''I started out rapping a long time after I started listening to music.

''I never played any instruments not could I draw. It was nice to finally find a way to expel that energy. And find a home for a terrible sense of humour.''