The Prodigy claim their new album will be ''more violent''.

The band - made up of Liam Howlett, Keith Flint, Leo Crabtree, Rob Holliday and Maxim Reality - are set to release their new record later this year and insist it will be wilder than previous offerings.

Frontman Liam said: ''I've got a new title but you can't have it. It's too early! I've written everything and I'm basically going through each track and making sure they're firing.

''It's more violent-sounding, it feels wilder.''

Their sixth record is the follow-up to the band's last release, 'Invaders Must Die' in 2009, and Liam claims they have gone in a new direction.

He said: ''It's not so much old-school. It's neither guitar-based nor synth-based, it's kind of a mixture. It doesn't feel like it's so radio-friendly to me, it feels like it's got a lot of edge.''

Meanwhile, the band headlined Sonisphere a few days ago and they will also appear at Global Gathering later this month, but insist the shows are not the right time for debuting new material.

Liam told NME magazine: ''These two shows are a big deal, for sure. We're thinking about what tunes we're going to perform and how to get the balance right. We've got loads of new stuff, but at these big shows people don