The Mobb Deep star served over three years in a New York prison on weapons charges and he was released in 2011. While he was incarcerated his family sent him care packages containing vegetables and other fresh foods, so he could whip up meals in a microwave and now he has turned those recipes into a book titled Commissary Kitchen: My Infamous Prison Cookbook, which will hit stores later this month (Oct16).

The 41-year-old explains it was important for him to stay healthy behind bars because of his sickle cell anaemia.

"I learned that the two hours it takes to prepare a meal and eat it and all that, it took our mind off of where we were at for a little while," he tells Bossip. "It was like a peaceful, relaxing type of thing. Almost like meditating. Being in prison, you want to kill time doing something.

"You've gotta (sic) be creative, do something for your health, you want to do something productive as a much as possible in there... I wanted to share those experiences with my health, being that I have sickle cell, I have to eat a certain way."

Prodigy follows a strict diet and he wanted to share his tips with his fellow inmates.

"The first thing I noticed was there was no green vegetables," he says. "You get green vegetables once a week, once every two weeks. I have to have green vegetables everyday... I ended up having my family send me 30 pounds of food every month. Other inmates would get snacks, Twinkies, stuff they don't sell in the jail. People used to think I was crazy, but I was trying to be on a strict, disciplined diet. After a while, the other inmates started learning about what I was doing and they started picking up on my diet..."

And he is also trying to show his fans that they can eat healthy on a budget.

"A lot of people think eating healthy is expensive," he continues. "I wrote this book to show 80 to 90 per cent of the stuff you can use is healthy and not expensive. All the recipes in here are out of a can... Just using canned goods and low priced affordable stuff."