Prodigy frontman Keith Flint has ruled himself out of ever competing in the International Isle of Man Tourist Trophy Race, because the competitive motorcycling fanatic is convinced he lacks the "talent, bravery and endurance" to succeed.

The Firestarter hitmaker has long been a fan of the prestigious British motorcycle event and manages his own group, Team Traction Control, which will be represented by racer Steve Mercer when the festivities kick off this weekend (30May-01Jun14).

However, dance star Flint is adamant he would never be able to compete himself.

He tells the Bbc, "People ask if I would do the Tt (Tourist Trophy) myself - the actual romance of doing it is in me, but the chances are zero.

"I can't belittle the talent and the bravery and the endurance that goes into a race like this. The competitors are some of the bravest men on the planet and it is one of the biggest challenges a racer can take on."

And Flint insists he is more than proud just to be involved in the annual race: "To be a part of Tt history is a massive achievement. It is one of, if not the greatest races on two wheels, if not on four."