British rockers THE Prodigy have landed a new A-list lead singer - Hollywood actress Juliette Lewis.

The STARSKY AND HUTCH star, 30, will provide guest vocals on the FIRESTARTER group's comeback album after bandmembers LIAM HOWLETT and MAXIM spotted her singing in a Los Angeles bar and convinced her to join them in the studio.

The news also fuels rumours Prodigy frontman KEITH FLINT has left the band - seven years after their last album FAT OF THE LAND brought them success on both sides of the Atlantic.

A friend of Lewis's tells British newspaper The Sun, "She is very outgoing and she often breaks into song when out partying.

"The boys were extremely impressed when they heard her sing and they asked her to work with them.

"They were delighted with the result and want her to do more. She had a great time too and it's a real coup for the lads to have landed her.

"She not only sounds good - her name will also bring the band loads of publicity."

Just last week (ends16APR04) Lewis revealed her plans to take a break from acting to concentrate on music.

The actress, who is currently preparing for a North American tour with her band Juliette And The Licks, said, "I live for the sweat I drip on stage in front of the people and my banged up knees.

"My goal is to give everything, all the energy I possess, and inject the audience with it."

23/04/2004 03:07