Priyanka Chopra thinks Bollywood should focus on improving itself - rather than obsessing about Hollywood.

The 35-year-old actress has enjoyed success in both film markets, but Priyanka has called on the Indian movie business to focus on itself in order to improve, instead of looking towards America.

She said: ''I don't think we need to learn anything from each other. I think we need to conform according to what's required for the people who're working in the industry within that country.

''If you're talking about pay parity and [sexual] harassment ... [then] for example, [the lack of] pay parity happens in both countries, but the difference is that I see in Bollywood it's said more blatantly, but [in Hollywood] it'll be said in a more roundabout way, because nobody wants the liability or the responsibility that they're saying this.''

Priyanka admitted that like Hollywood, the Indian film industry has a number of issues it needs to address.

But she believes the best way to find a solution is to look inwards.

The 'Baywatch' star told the Hindustan Times newspaper: ''We need to focus on ourselves and not somebody else. We need to look inside our own house and decide what we want to clean up.

''[We should] give opportunities to women, be it in entertainment or in education, or in any field they want to be.

''How do we give them opportunities and make them thrive? The Commonwealth Games are such amazing examples. Most of the medals are won by women. You give women opportunities and they'll thrive.

''Whether it's Hollywood or our Hindi film industry, I think we need to focus on ourselves, instead of comparing ourselves with someone else.''