Priyanka Chopra's friendship with Meghan Markle is unaffected by her upcoming marriage to Prince Harry.

The 35-year-old actress and the former 'Suits' star are good pals, and Priyanka has revealed that despite increased pressure on her time over the last few months, Meghan remains a ''girl's girl''.

Asked whether the bride-to-be is allowed to have a phone, Priyanka laughed and then replied: ''I think she has a phone. She's such a girl's girl and I've known her for three years now.''

The 'Baywatch' actress also revealed she's thrilled for Meghan, 36, and claimed she'll become a great role model for young women in the coming years.

Priyanka told 'The Rachael Ray Show': ''I'm so happy for everything that's happened to her, because I really feel like she's one of those female icons that I feel could be a strong idol for girls around the world, because she really cares about the world - really cares.

''But she still texts a lot, which is great!''

Meghan and Harry are set to tie the knot at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle on May 19.

Priyanka has been invited to the nuptials, but she recently admitted she's still undecided about what to buy the loved-up couple for their big day.

She quipped: ''What do you get a princess? Do you think I should get the princess a frog?

''Most princesses like frogs I heard. I don't know, we'll have to think about that one.''

Priyanka is also thrilled to see how the world has responded to Meghan and Harry's engagement.

The Indian star explained: ''I've known Meghan for three years and I'm so happy the way the world has responded to her because as long as I've known her ... she is a relatable young woman of the world today. ''