The Quantico star praises her parents for treating her like an adult and allowing her to make decisions from a young age. However, when she asked her parents to attend school in the U.S. instead of returning to India she had a hard time dealing with comments she received about her looks.

"I grew up having my own opinions and knowing what that meant," she tells emmy magazine, "but I was always really conscious of the way I looked, and high school is hard for anyone."

"I attracted a lot of attention," she continues. "Nobody looked like me in my school. I was skinny with crazy, frizzy hair. It was like Mean Girls.

"There was one girl who was just super evil. She kept calling me Brownie, and saying, 'Go back to your country, you smell like curry' - and I didn't, by the way. She was so mean to me."

The 33-year-old has found success in Hollywood recently after conquering Bollywood, but she insists she doesn't let her achievements go to her head.

"Success is not a destination," she says. "Success is a journey. You have to be consistently successful to be called a success."

And while it appears discipline is part of her formula for success, the actress insists she needs to follow a strict schedule.

"I'm a mess," she adds. "My life is so scheduled, I can tell you what I'm doing six months later and where I'll be. There's no time for me to say, 'I'm in a bad mood today', or, 'I have a tummy ache'. That's the price you pay for world domination."

And talking of world domination, Priyanka, who will appear in the upcoming Baywatch movie, now has her sights set on 007 - and not as a Bond girl!

The 33-year-old actress tells Complex magazine she has often been told she would make a great Bond girl. "F**k that! I wanna be Bond!"