Priyanka Chopra doesn't know what wedding gift to buy her close pal Meghan Markle.

The 35-year-old actress confirmed this week she would be attending the upcoming nuptials between Meghan and her fiancé Prince Harry on May 19, but with less than a month to go before the big day, Priyanka is ''stuck'' when it comes to finding a wedding gift that would be of use to members of the royal family.

Speaking on 'Good Morning America' on Thursday (26.04.18), she said: ''Can I tell you? I've been struggling with that myself. You just have to think about the person you're getting a gift for because really, what do give a princess? I'm stuck with that.''

The 'Baywatch' star confirmed she would be present when her close pal Meghan, 36, officially starts her new life as a member of the British royal family, and said she also hasn't figured out what she's going to wear.

She said: ''I sort of may have an idea. But no, I haven't picked one out yet.''

Priyanka also gushed over the former 'Suits' actress, saying she's ''so happy'' for her in the wake of her upcoming transition into royalty, as she believes ''the world needs strong role models'' like her close friend.

She added: ''I've known Meghan for three years and I'm so happy the way the world has responded to her because as long as I've known her ... she is a relatable young woman of the world today. She's that girl who thinks out of the box. She has always been an activist. She has always had a strong voice. She's an ambitious girl of today. I think the world needs strong role models like Meghan. I think, I hope, Meghan will end up being one of those people.''

Previously, the 'Quantico' star was coy about whether or not she had received an invitation.

She said in January: ''If you see me there, you'll know.''