Priscilla Presley used her daughter's fondness for John Travolta to quiz the movie hunk about Scientology when she was struggling to cope with ELVIS' death.

Priscilla thrilled a 10-year-old LISA-MARIE when she took her to meet her hero on the set of his hit sitcom WELCOME BACK KOTTER - but she had another reason for visiting Travolta.

Travolta reveals, "I felt special and fortunate that Priscilla came to me to get help.

"He had died a month before and she wanted to know why things were going well for me and how I could keep my head straight.

"I said, 'Check out Scientology,' and she did, and ever since then she has been helped and involved."

Lisa-Marie admits she still cherishes her meeting with her hero.

She recalls, "I was dying. He was sitting there and he waved at me."

02/05/2003 02:08