Actress Priscilla Presley insists her daughter Lisa-Marie Presley has every reason to be nervous about making her musical debut - because being ELVIS' child has great disadvantages.

The former Dallas beauty says that while many fans will be driven to listen to Lisa's new album TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN because of her legendary rocker father's status, her efforts could just as easily be rejected because of it.

She explains, "Try to put yourself in her position. Ever since she started talking about a recording career when she was 16 or 17, I warned her that doors will open because of who she is, but they will close just as fast.

"We've all seen the flashes in the pan in this town, and she knew she had to be ready because she would only have one chance to prove herself. This is it."

Lisa Marie, 35, will soon see how well she's received by fans - her album hits shelves tomorrow (08APR03).