Former DALLAS star Priscilla Presley is such a huge fan of a certain American football player, she missed one of her daughter Lisa Marie Presley's concerts to watch him in action.

Her adoration for GREEN BAY PACKERS quarterback BRETT FAVRE started a couple of years ago when Presley took her 16-year-old son, NAVARONE, to a Packers-SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS playoff game.

Priscilla was able to get her son on the field after the game and the teen found Favre and asked if he would sign his souvenir helmet. The quarterback said he had to do an interview, but would come back and give him the autograph. And he did.

Priscilla sent Favre a three-page thank-you note.

And when the actress was recently in Chicago, Illinois, to see her daughter on tour, Priscilla learned Favre would be in town to play a game and was left with a tough choice.

She says, "I told Lisa I'd catch her next time around."

30/10/2003 02:23