Priscilla Presley has given her blessing to her daughter Lisa Marie's lovematch after years of worrying she'd end up with the wrong man.

The actress and socialite is convinced her daughter has been making better choices in men after stunning her by marrying Michael Jackson in 1994, and now she thinks she may have a shot at lasting happiness with guitarist MICHAEL LOCKWOOD.

She says, "Maybe she needed those experiences with these particular relationships, because, once you learn, then don't make that same mistake.

"There are those that can bring the best out of you or the worst."

Priscilla admits she's upset that her daughter's third marriage to movie star Nicolas Cage didn't work out.

She adds, "I actually like Nic... I really think they were good friends and he was very generous and fun and I can see, definitely, how she fell for him.

"That was just the two of them coming to terms on what their relationship was about."

The couple split after just 180 days of marriage.

30/03/2005 09:05