Priscilla Presley used to hide expensive and inappropriate treats her estranged husband gave her daughter Lisa Marie, so that people wouldn't poke fun at the youngster.

The German-born socialite upset her daughter time and again by taking away gifts her father had bought her - because they weren't the kind of things a little girl should have.

Presley recalls, "He gave her a fur coat that was a mink coat and she brought it home. I think he gave it to her for her birthday and I said, 'You're not wearing this. This is not for you. You're five years old.'

"I called him up and I said, 'What are you doing?' It was just too much.

"Even though a child doesn't put a lot on it, others put a lot on it. The comments from other people: 'Oh my God, she has this, she has that,' that really bothered me.

"I would take things and put it in the closet... He gave her a little diamond ring one time when she was about six-years-old. I would take that. She'd love it and then she'd forget about it."

Mother and daughter teamed up for their first TV interview together on yesterday's (29MAR05) OPRAH show in America.

30/03/2005 09:05