Princess Stephanie of Monaco is reportedly divorcing her second husband, a circus performer - after just 10 months of marriage.

According to press reports in Europe, the 39-year-old split from 30-year-old Portuguese trapeze artist ADANS LOPEZ PERES last week (16JUL04) and he has moved out of their apartment.

The Princess has allegedly already begun legal proceedings and could secure a quick divorce next month (AUG04).

German newspaper BILD also claims Stephanie - the daughter of Prince RANIER and late actress GRACE KELLY - has been seeing her first husband DANIEL DUCRUET, the father of two of her children, 11-year-old LOUIS and PAULINE, 10.

Peres is quoted in Bild telling a pal, "Yes, we're having a marriage crisis. But I'm fighting for my marriage. Stephanie is the greatest love of my life."

But a mutual friend of the couple claims Stephanie only married Adans to spite her family and the union was doomed to fail: "Love hit them both like lightening.

"When Adans asked Stephanie if she would like to be his wife she said 'yes' immediately.

"But her answer was a reaction against her family. Now she has lost all interest in him."

22/07/2004 17:31