British royal Princess Michael Of Kent has slammed Prince Charles for using his late wife DIANA, Princess Of Wales as a "convenient womb" to produce his heir.

The princess, whose husband PRINCE MICHAEL is the first cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, made the revelations during a secretly recorded interview with an undercover reporter from British newspaper the News Of The World. The journalist posed as a potential buyer for her $10.8 million (GBP6 million) Gloucestershire estate.

The 60-year-old claims Charles never loved Diana, but was desperate to produce an heir to the throne after the royal family allegedly banned him from marrying his lover Camilla Parker Bowles, now known as the DUCHESS OF CORNWALL, who he finally wed earlier this year (05).

Princess Michael says, "He was under pressure from the press, pressure from the public. He had to have an heir.

"He couldn't marry the woman he wanted to marry so he married what Napoleon said when he married MARIE LOUISE, he married a womb.

"In other words, somebody to give him children.

"She was in love with him. But his heart was somewhere else."