British royal Princess Michael Of Kent is at the centre of a second race row after attempting to clear herself of accusations of racism.

The 59-year-old, whose husband PRINCE MICHAEL is Queen Elizabeth II's cousin, was criticised in May (04) after allegedly telling black diners in a New York restaurant to "go back to the colonies" because they were being noisy and disturbing her meal.

The Princess has denied the charges, insisting she was taken out of context - but in an interview she has further outraged race groups by referring to mixed race people as "half-caste".

In an interview with ITV show GMTV in Britain, Princess Michael told presenter JOHN STAPLETON, "It's such a wicked thing to say to me because it is against everything I believe in, against everything I have worked for."

She also explained how she had even attempted to disguise herself to appear black during a visit to Africa when she was younger: "I even pretended years ago to be an African, a half-caste African. But, because of my light eyes, I did not get away with it.

"But I dyed my hair black and I travelled on African buses."

Human rights organisations have attacked her use of the word half-caste.

BOBBY MILES, assistant director of THE 1980 TRUST, says, "It is offensive to anyone who is mixed race. It shows why she is wholly out of touch and demonstrates her ignorance."

25/07/2004 14:54