British royal Princess Michael Of Kent has been caught up in a race row in New York after telling off a group of rowdy Afro-Americans dining next to her at swanky diner DA SILVANO.

One of those shocked by her comments on Monday night (24MAY04) was American showbiz news reporter Aj Calloway, who is using his TV show EXTRA to blast the rude royal.

Despite her claims otherwise, Calloway says, "She leans over and she goes, 'Go back to the colonies.'

"We were in complete shock. I thought Ashton Kutcher was about to run out and say I'm being PUNK'D.

"I think she's a crazy woman. I don't know how they give her the title of princess. I would tell her that not everybody is ruled by her and to grow up. African-Americans have been and will always be around."

27/05/2004 02:23