Prince's ex-wife Mayte Garcia is taking time off from dating after discovering the pleasures of vibrators.

The sexy Latina socialite, who also briefly dated rocker Tommy Lee, insists she doesn't need a man in her life at the moment because she has a collection of sex toys to satisfy her sexual needs.

Speaking candidly to American urban magazine KING, she reveals, "It would be so much less drama if girls had toys... You ever hear about the Rabbit? You and the Rabbit should become one.

"Men are intimidated by them, but they should embrace them. I just got a new one, so now I have four... One is just the Rabbit and the other is a Rabbit with something else that twirls. I need to get a new battery for that one.

"One is glass and one is this huge giant tongue, which was a present. I can't figure that one out though."

07/10/2004 02:32