A 17-year-old boy has been convicted of sending British royal Prince WILLIAM a hate letter supposedly stuffed full of the deadly poison ricin.

Handsome William, who is heir to the British throne, was sent the package by PAUL SMITH - who also sent British Prime Minister Tony Blair's wife CHERIE a bottle of aromatherapy oil laced with "caustic soda".

One deadly letter was sent to William's halls of residence at ST ANDREWS UNIVERSITY in Scotland, and another was addressed to him care of the Art History department at the university, which is where he is studying.

The first letter contained a note saying, "If you smell or touch it you will die", and the second came with a picture of a skull and crossbones and the message, "By the time you read this you will not be able to breathe and you will be suffering respiratory failure."

The powders were later found to be harmless substitutes.

Smith admitted preparing and sending 44 letters between 20 August 2001 and February this year (03). He was following instructions from a sick internet hoaxer, suspected to be nationalist extremist ADAM BUSBY.

Sentencing for Smith has been deferred.

07/09/2003 10:51