Pop superstar Prince walked out of a screening of Ben Affleck's new movie JERSEY GIRL - because he didn't like the swearing in it.

The pop superstar - famous for his risque lyrics - hates to hear profanity since becoming a Jehovah's Witness and has dropped the more controversial songs from his current hits tour.

He says, "We walked out (of Jersey Girl) after an hour. Guess that's what happens when the potty mouth don't work for you anymore."

Prince, who once appeared naked on the cover of his LOVESEXY album, is also urging his peers to use the Janet Jackson breast baring scandal as a mark that such shockers should be a thing of the past.

He adds, "After Janet, we've gone too far. We've pushed the envelope off the table and forgotten there was a table."

Jersey Girl director Kevin Smith isn't too concerned with Prince's criticism.

He jokes, "I'm cool with him not liking Jersey Girl. I f**king hated his album CRYSTAL BALL, so now we're even."

16/04/2004 09:21