Pop superstar Prince is enjoying his Purple Rain 20th anniversary reunion because he wasn't able to tour with his co-stars in the movie back in 1984.

The film and its soundtrack became phenomenons and propelled Prince to superstardom, but he has never been able to take the show on the road.

But, during recent concerts on his MUSICOLOGY tour, the pop star has been linking up with Morris Day + THE TIME, WENDY + LISA and SHEILA E to relive Purple Rain's biggest hits.

He says, "We never got the chance to do the real Purple Rain tour, because The Time broke up.

"But then there they were onstage... and people started tripping. I was watching my favourite band."

Purple Rain's hit soundtrack was released in America on 18 July, 1984. It went on to sell 10 million copies in the US alone and spent six months at the top of the album charts. The score also earned Prince an OSCAR.

The film was released to cinemas on 27 July, 1984, and grossed $60 million (GBP33.3 million) at the box office.

05/07/2004 21:00