Pop superstar Prince has fired off a cease and desist letter to reformed rockers Fenix TX after spying their efforts to pay tribute to him on a new record.

The Texas group has been ordered to alter the cover art on their new album PURPLE REIGN IN BLOOD because it features a symbol similar to Prince's one-time squiggle moniker.

Far from being flattered by the group's subtle tribute, Prince set his attorneys on the group, in a bid to have the image removed.

But Fenix TX frontman WILLIE SALAZAR fears Prince's letter may have arrived too late - he claims 30,000 copies of the album are already in circulation, making the new CD an instant collector's item when Purple Reign in Blood is released next week (8NOV05).

He tells MTV News, "We're trying to play nice, and it was just our way of trying to let people in on what kind of music we like.

"It kind of made perfect sense to us to use the symbol, and it was almost like we were just letting him know we really liked his music. He's a musician we grew up with.

"We were surprised - but then again, we're no strangers to cease-and-desist orders."

Salazar is referring to the band's original name, RIVERFENIX, which landed them in trouble with late actor River Phoenix's estate, which threatened legal action against the group.