LATEST: Pop superstar Prince has hit out at claims he told his bodyguard to attack fan he caught taking his picture at an Airport last December (03).

College student ANTHONY FITZGERALD filed a $50,000 (GBP27,000) lawsuit against Prince in April (04), claiming he was assaulted at Minneapolis-St Pail Airport, Minnesota on 29 December (03) and his camera was confiscated after he took a photo of Prince departing a plane.

But the singer has filed a countersuit this week (24JUN04) alleging Fitzgerald invaded his privacy and violated trademark and copyright law.

Prince's lawyer KRISTEN NAROS says, "Fitzgerald's claim has no legal basis and we will be fighting this in court."

But lawyer Kari Berman is confident his client will win, "He is a public figure walking through a public airport. There's no expectation of privacy, and he knows it."

16/06/2004 21:21