Prince and his bodyguard have been slapped with a lawsuit by a college student who claims he was assaulted after taking a picture of the rocker as he left a flight.

ANTHONY FITZGERALD filed the lawsuit yesterday (07APR04) in Minnesota's HENNEPIN COUNTY DISTRICT COURT.

It states that Prince's bodyguard, identified only as TREVOR, lunged at Fitzgerald at the MINNEAPOLIS-ST PAUL INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT on 29 December (03) "in an aggressive, threatening manner", then grabbed his digital camera, leaving him "stunned and humiliated".

The lawsuit alleges assault and battery, loss of the camera and intentional infliction of emotional distress that left Fitzgerald anxious and unable to sleep.

Attorney FRANK BERMAN says the lawsuit, dated 14 January (04), was filed on Wednesday because Prince's "people" wouldn't accept a copy of it. Fitzgerald is asking the court for instructions on how to serve him with it.

Prince's spokeswoman RONNIE LIPPIN claims she isn't familiar with the lawsuit.

08/04/2004 20:57