Prince's estate has reportedly won millions in a legal case against the bootlegging of the late star's music.

The tunes of the iconic singer - who died in April 2016, aged 57 - were at the centre of the fierce legal row, which resulted in his estate being awarded $7 million in reparations from Eye Records, according to TMZ.

The estate accused the record label of being a ''bootleg label dedicated to Prince'' - and it's now been instructed to remove all of their bootlegged Prince music.

The lawsuit says that Eye Records was using the online store in order to sell the bootlegged music, with Prince's estate demanding $2 million per alleged trademark violation.

Earlier this year, meanwhile, Prince's estate launched social media accounts for the late music legend to celebrate his legacy.

The 'Purple Rain' hitmaker's fans were offered the chance to check out content about his music and life on Twitter and Instagram by following the username @Prince.

The iconic star had more than 1,700 GIFs - moving images that can be used by fans - made by GIPHY which showcased each decade of his 40-year career.

As well as the official pages for Prince, @PRNlegacy, on both Twitter and Instagram, was created as an archive for all things about the 'Raspberry Beret' singer.