Prince reportedly owes $600,000 to his divorce lawyer.

The 57-year-old musician passed away on April 21, 2016 but Cousins Law Firm in West Palm Beach, Florida, has filed a claim with his estate over a $599,735.63 bill, allegedly from his and Manuela Testolini's 2006 divorce.

Patrick Cousins told TMZ that he had agreed with Prince that the singer did not have to pay him until all the loose ends of the case were tied up. He said he wrapped up everything on April 1, 20 days before Prince's sudden death.

Prince passed away at his Paisley Park home after an accidental overdose of the drug fentanyl but his sibling Tyka previously admitted she wasn't entirely shocked by his sudden death.

Speaking about coping with his death, she said: ''It wasn't hard at all. It was a two-word phone call: 'He's gone.' And I knew who he meant. I hung up the phone. An employee of Prince called. I have been preparing for two years, so I knew that it was coming.''

And Tyka claims Prince alluded to his death two years ago.

She explained: ''He said it a couple of years ago: 'I've done everything that I've come to do'. I was crushed for about two years.

''I've had two years to deal with it, but there's a lot of people that have only had from April to now, so I guess I would say give it another year and a half and maybe you'll be where I'm at. I'm sorry that you're hurting.''