Prince's comeback last Spring (04) has placed him at the top of ROLLING STONE magazine's list of 2004's top earning music acts.

The PURPLE RAIN singer made a staggering $57 million (GBP30 million) from CD sales of his new album MUSICOLOGY and his back catalogue, as well as ticket sales for concerts.

The diminutive singer narrowly beat Madonna to the top spot - the MATERIAL GIRL banked $56 million (GBP29.5 million) from her REINVENTION tour, children's books and her American Life album.

Heavy rockers Metallica took third place in the list with earnings of $44 (GBP23.2 million); SIR Elton John came fourth with profits of $43.7 million (GBP23 million); and country star JIMMY BUFFET ranked fifth with $35.3 million (GBP18.6 million)

50 CENT was the highest earning rapper - the IN DA CLUB star banked $25.7 million (GBP13.5 million) last year.

10/02/2005 14:15