Prince is proud of the new system he has set up for his fans to buy his music - because it has freed him and them from the slavery of the music industry.

The singer offers all his new material for fans to download from the internet through his music club NEW POWER GENERATION (NPG) - he has an unbinding deal with Sony to distribute his work later in stores - and an album is given free to anyone who buys a ticket to one of his gigs.

And he hails the way he has broken free of the power of the big labels: "Musicians inherited this system, so that's how most musicians work, how we get music to the people. But it used to be the tradition to have slaves on the plantation. Don't mean it's right.

"I don't need no producer, I don't need no record company, no A+R man or anyone telling me what to do. I produce my own records in my own studio. Why do I need someone telling me what to do?"

16/06/2004 02:37