Pop superstar Prince's quest to have complete control over all aspects of his music career continues unabated - he has launched his own music download website.

The PURPLE RAIN singer is bypassing all the other download websites to ensure his own NEW POWER GENERATION (NPG) company, partnered with ENTRIQ, will maintain complete control over access to his music.

All of Prince's most popular recordings are already available on sites NAPSTER and RHAPSODY - but his personal store will feature songs from his eagerly awaited new album MUSICOLOGY, to be released on 20 April (04).

The store - at www.npgmusicclub.com - offers fans albums for $9.99 (GBP5.55) and individual tracks for 99 cents (55 pence).

Director of online services and Web master at NPG - SAM JENNINGS - says, "Our overhead is low and the costs are low.

"With that, and considering Prince gets all the money after expenses, it's definitely profitable."

02/04/2004 19:31