The video for Prince's new song CINNAMON GIRL is causing quite a stir before it's even been released, as it follows the hardships of a teen Arab-American girl in a post 9-11 America.

The clip, directed by video veteran PHIL HARDER, features OSCAR-nominated WHALE RIDER star Keisha Castle-Hughes as an Arab-American girl who is fed up with the anti-Arab sentiments she encounters in everyday life.

Disillusioned and angered, New Zealander Castle-Hughes' character detonates a bomb in an airport terminal, exploding herself and others. But a reverse motion immediately following the explosion reveals that it is only a thought of hers.

Prince, who only appears in the video intermittently, sings, "Cinnamon girl mixed heritage / Never knew the meaning of colour lines / 9-11 turned that all around / When she got accused of this crime."

The video will premiere in America next week (begs18OCT04).

12/10/2004 21:14