Pop legend Prince refuses to let technology dominate his life and career and prefers to be influenced by nature.

The CINNAMON GIRL singer, 46, acknowledges he needs computers to make music - but hates the idea of being saturated by man-made technology and doesn't even have a cellphone.

He says, "I don't let computers use me.

"It's more interesting to me to pick up a guitar and create a sound out of thin air. That's analogue.

"We're analogue creatures: we breathe air, we hear sound waves. we react to spirit and colour.

"A computer's binary.

"See, spirit is everywhere around us, but there's so much to keep you from it - computers, pagers, all that stuff.

"You ain't gonna hear me beeping. No cellphones. I don't use cellphones.

"No sir, ain't nobody going to reach me."

18/06/2004 17:20