Pop legend Prince has been accused by an ex-girlfriend of subjecting her to a violent sexual relationship - from which she couldn't escape.

CHARLENE FRIEND claims the singer threw sex parties at his mansion and recorded his raunchy antics with her and other women.

Court papers filed in Santa Monica, California, say Prince repeatedly abused her physically and mentally after ordering her to submit to his sexual demands. Charlene was 18 when she met the pint-sized singer, who was 14 years older, in a Hollywood bar in 1991.

In her statement about their two-year affair, she says, "Prince informed me he took sexual relations very seriously. He believed he was the Messiah and if you became engaged in sex with him, you became one with him.

"He would have me dress in his clothing at his whim. His staff were not allowed to look at me and I was not allowed to look at them. Prince would have bizarre sex parties where he had different theme rooms. He had cages, chains, whips in these rooms. Sometimes he would watch and sometimes he would participate.

"Prince would also make me watch videos of him with other women. This would make me very upset. Prince ran hot and cold, treating me nicely, then being cruel. He would kick me out of bed, ordering me to sleep elsewhere. I would want to leave but he would prevent me. As a result of the severe abuse, I have suffered anxiety, depression and panic attacks."

The case stems from a row over presents Prince gave her. The star called in his lawyers after she offered them for sale. Now she is taking legal action for defamation and emotional distress and could win millions.

Prince says the allegations are "totally false".

22/05/2003 02:06