Kate Middleton has been named as the best celebrity hat-wearer in a new poll from Luton's millinery and hat-making industry.

The former girlfriend of Prince William has sported a few daring hats in her time and was named as the most fashionable headwear-adorner in 2007.

Ms Middleton beat off stiff competition from Victoria Beckham - who has sported more subtle caps recently - and William's step-mother the Duchess of Cornwall.

William and Ms Middleton split up earlier this year sparking a media frenzy outside of the fashion buyer's house.

Also listed among the female winners were Nell McAndrew and Hollywood star Jennifer Lopez.

After sporting a hat on-screen and off-screen, Johnny Depp was crowned best hat-wearing male.

The Captain Jack Sparrow actor finished above Justin Timberlake - who often sports a vintage-looking hat with his on-stage outfits.

David Beckham, Boy George and Prince Harry made up the rest of the top five.

Some obvious choices for hat wearers seemed to be missed off the list, including trilby-sporting Pete Doherty and his girlfriend Kate Moss.

18/06/2007 15:54:55