Kevin Eide ruled on Wednesday (26Oct16) that Brianna Nelson and her niece, Victoria Nelson, are not entitled to a share of the music icon's estate.

The Nelsons claimed the late Duane Nelson, Sr. was a half brother to Prince, but court documents suggest the Purple Rain star's father was not Duane's biological dad.

Brianna and her niece argued Minnesota law allowed for a claim because Prince's father treated Duane Nelson as his son.

As a result of the ruling, only Prince's sister Tyka and their five half-siblings will be entitled to a cut of his fortune, estimated to be worth between $100 million (GBP81 million) and $300 million (GBP244 million).

Attorneys for the late musician's siblings previously urged the court not to name Brianna and her niece as heirs to Prince's estate.