Soul superstar Prince has been ordered to pay up for using the services of a video editor after he was sued for unpaid wages.
Ian C. Lewis filed a $1 million (GBP632,900) lawsuit against the singer and Paisley Park Enterprises last year (07), alleging the star failed to honour his work contract and damaged equipment belonging to the technician.
The case went to trial this month (Nov08) and Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Gregory Alarcon ruled this week (ends07Nov08) that Prince had to hand over $58,000 (GBP36,700) for the wages claim.
However, the judge disagreed with Lewis' allegation the star had broken a $25,000 (GBP15,820) computer - because he couldn't provide any receipts to verify the cost of the equipment.
Prince was not present in court for the ruling; he was not even represented by an attorney.