Swimsuit model Damaris Lewis pranked pal Prince during a live radio interview in Australia on Wednesday (30May12) by calling his hotel suite and pretending to be a French fan called Victoria.
The stunner, who has become a member of the Purple Rain hitmaker's entourage for his tour Down Under, was wrapping up a chat on Melbourne's Triple M Hot Breakfast show when she offered to call the superstar and wake him up.
When the singer picked up, Lewis adopted a French accent and said, "This is Victoria. You left me at the last show."
But the sleepy star wasn't fooled and quickly said, "Damaris!" prompting the model to burst into laughter.
She asked, "Did I wake you up?" to which Prince responded, "Just a tad". But the gracious hitmaker, who was trying to sleep off a cold after a late-night party at Melbourne's Bennets Lane Jazz Club, agreed to a quick radio chat, asking his model friend, "What do you wanna talk about?"
The two friends then chatted about how they met, with Prince revealing she made his fantasies come true when she told him she dreamed of becoming a dancer and then opening up about his love of basketball.
The Little Red Corvette singer admitted he was watching the Nba Play-Offs in America closely and wanted the Oklahoma Thunder to play his hero Dwayne Wade's Miami Heat in the finals.
He said, "Dwayne Wade is my favourite player but the Thunder are my favourite team."
Prince then ended the chat and Lewis explained how difficult it was for her to watch the star onstage - because she always wants to be dancing next to him.
It was not made clear whether Prince and the model are more than just friends or not.