Veteran rocker Prince has won the heart of yet another female admirer - sexy pin-up Brooke Burke.

Burke, who co-hosts Rock Star: Inxs with DAVE NAVARRO - husband of former Prince collaborator CARMEN ELECTRA - admits she's been a devoted fan of the rocker since the 1980s, and she remains awestruck by him to this day.

She tells Blender magazine, "I was in love with Prince - I had a shrine! I had a black-laced veil on my wall and Prince posters on the ceiling.

"When the movie Purple Rain came out, I was a high school freshman and since it was rated R, I wasn't allowed to see it. I snuck in every chance I got! My friends and I used to act it out and do the dances.

"When I moved to LA, I saw him in a club - a friend said she'd introduce me, but I crawled under the table. I couldn't handle it."