Purple Rain: Celebration, a panel discussion and screening, was held at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills on Monday (29Aug16) and also featured cast members Jerome Benton and Jill Jones, writer/director Albert Magnoli, producer Robert Cavallo and costume designer Marie France, according to Billboard.com.

The event marked Apollonia's first public appearance since Prince's passing in April (16) and during the panel discussion the 57-year-old fondly remembered the first time she met the late icon.

"I was the last person they saw for the audition," she said. "(Actress) Nia Peeples had just walked out of the room. I walked in and they asked me to take my shoes off. I thought, 'Wow, they're into feet!'

"Later I learned they were flying me to Minneapolis to meet Prince, who takes me out for a ride in a purple limo," she continued. "He was very reserved and shy. I'm like Chatty Cathy. The next day we do an audition at (club) First Avenue. I wore black spandex and a metal mesh blouse. Later there's a knock at my hotel door and it's Chick (Charles 'Big Chick' Huntsberry) from his security team. (He said), 'The kid likes you. Play it cool'."

She also recalled how she was one of the first people to hear the iconic song When Doves Cry, which featured on the film's soundtrack.

"Prince called me and sang several pieces of (When Doves Cry) into my answering machine and said not to erase it," she said. "When he came to my apartment, he headed straight to my machine. I still have that tape."

Apollonia, who briefly dated Prince in the 1980s, has yet to open up about her time with late singer, but in April she thanked fans for their support and promised to pour out her feelings when "it's appropriate".

"(I want to) honour and continue to have the greatest respect for Prince and his preference for privacy," she continued. "When I am ready and it's appropriate I will share with you all that is in my heart and all that is my truth. Thank you for your love, understanding and patience. You are everything 2 me."