British royals Prince William and Prince Harry have refused to take leading parts in their father Prince Charles' forthcoming wedding to CAMILLA PARKER BOWLES out of respect for their late mother DIANA, Princess Of Wales.

The Princes were expected to be the two 'supporters' accompanying the heir to the British throne at the civil service on 8 April (05) - with Prince William set to give the best man's speech - but they have decided to place their personal feelings above their sense of duty.

A royal source says, "All weddings are social minefields but this is one proving to be more troublesome than most. The Prince knows how difficult this is for his children emotionally and he does not wish to add to their troubles.

"Harry often talks about his mother and the difficulties he has experienced with Camilla. Apparently Camilla tried to win him over but Harry says he just couldn't forget his mother.

"Although he was very young at the time of his break-up, Harry knew exactly what was going on. It seems he has carried his hurt alone for a very long time."

22/02/2005 14:26